SLAVIC 401(k)

Financial Wellness

Slavic401k is one of the fastest growing 401(k) providers in the U.S., specializing in multiple employer 401(k) plans. Slavic401k provides a powerful, integrated 401(k) solution tailored to meet the unique needs of plan sponsors, PEOs, service bureaus, worksites and participant-investors alike.

Slavic401k Benefits and Features

Custody and trading platform provided by Fidelity Investments: Each invested dollar placed under our care is backed by one of the most trusted names in the financial business: Fidelity. Other trading platforms include Mid-Atlantic and Matrix.

Registered investment advisors: With a team of seasoned, licensed investment advisors in house, participants can receive personalized investment advice completely free of charge.

Advanced plan administration: From top-heavy testing to Safe Harbor, ADP, ACP and everything in between, our laser focus on compliance keeps your relationship with your clients free from 401(k)-related problems.

Extensive online participation services: Our robust offering of tools, calculators and saving and investing-related educational resources complements the streamlined online experience for participants.

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